Therapy Wheel
The wheel that blows anxiety away!
Patent Pending             ( Made in Texas)



A few words from the designers of the therapy wheel

Thank you for visiting our website. We designed this tool to help both adults and children with their anxiety. As a counseling therapist, I have noticed that many of my clients struggle with anxiety. My husband is an engineer and we began to think about ways we could 3D print a useful tool. Anxiety has been the number one symptom that most of my clients come to therapy for. Anxiety can lead to panic attacks and a fear of being out of control. Some of my clients have described physical symptoms such as stomach pains, shortness of breath, and sweaty palms. Many teens and college age adults experience test anxiety and have reported that this tool has been helpful. We have also had customers that have had anxieties around medical procedures, such as receiving insulin shots, that have reported the tool helpng them. You can find directions for using the tool and a few ways people have applied it to their lives.on our website. I have had many adults, teens, parents, occupational therapists, play therapists, psychologists, and pediatricians purchase our tool. I hope that you find this useful t00.